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Some Information About Rocket Knives

Thank You for your interest in
Rocket Knives.

My name is Rob Davidson and I am the sole owner
and operator of my one man shop.
I started making knives as a hobby in 1978 and began working
at it full-time in 1982, after losing my job as a machinist.

I do my best to offer a high quality product at a reasonable price. I use no high-tech equipment in the manufacture of the knives that I make.
I work at home from my garage to further help keep overhead to a minimum. I still sit at the band saw and saw each piece individually, I still solder guards and fittings and I still hand-rub all final finishes.

All pieces are made as they were 20+ years ago. All of my machinery is manually operated and I still subscribe to the "pick it up and grind it" theory. I am a big believer in sole authorship and try to make all of the parts for my knives myself. I warrantee my knives against defects for as long as I am physically able to repair them.

Rocket Rob Davidson at the milling machine with another creation

My knives are both collectable and functional.
I use ATS-34 or 440c stainless as a standard blade steel on both folders and fixed pieces. Other high-tech steels are available upon request.

Most any type steel is available and some of the new high-tech steels come at an extra charge. Please call, write or send an
e-mail to inquire about specialty steels.

I also offer a wide variety of handle materials to meet any specific needs from rock and ivory to the finest in hardwoods from around the world.

Press here to view the options page that show some of the different steel and handle material options that are available.

Thanks again for visiting the ROCKET KNIVES web site.

My backlog is about 5 months as of January 2017

Changes are made to this site quite often.
Please come back and see more ROCKET HANDMADE KNIVES
on a later visit.

If there are any questions about any of the products offered on this site, please call, write or e-mail

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